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“Be Careful”, Joe Biden warned China’s Xi Jinping after Xi-Putin meeting in March: CNN Report

Washington D.C., July 08:  A few weeks after comparing Xi Jinping to “dictators”, US President Joe Biden has disclosed that he warned Xi Jinping against deepening ties with Russia.

A report published by CNN, Biden revealed that he told Xi, just after the Xi-Putin meeting in March this year, that Beijing needed to “be careful” since it depends on US foreign investment.

Biden told him, “This is not a threat, but an observation.”

He highlighted the significant withdrawal of 600 American corporations from Russia since its intervention in Ukraine, adding that China’s economy depends on investments from Europe and the United States.

Biden’s message to Jinping was clear: “Be careful. Be careful”.

When asked what Xi’s response was, Biden responded, “He listened, and he didn’t…argue”.

In March, Putin and Xi had a two-day meeting where they expressed warm friendship between China and Russia and jointly criticized the West.

They emphasized their unwavering “no limits” friendship, reaffirming a joint statement issued in February 2020.

These events unfolded against the backdrop of deteriorating US-China relations, which began during the Trump presidency and have continued in the Biden administration.

Heightened tensions and pessimism characterize the US-China relationship, with national security concerns at the forefront.

 Issues such as Taiwan, Russia’s actions in Ukraine, export bans on advanced technologies, and China’s state-led industrial policies contribute to the strained dynamic.

During the recent G7 summit, the US and its allies openly targeted China and Russia, citing their aggressive policies in their neighborhood and beyond.

Analysts interpret this as a sign of the emerging “New Cold War” between the US and China.

Multiple incidents have further strained relations over the past year, including Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, reciprocal visits by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, a recent Chinese spy balloon incident, and the reports revealing a Chinese spy base in Cuba.

Although US Secretary of State Antony Blinken attempted to normalize the relationship during his recent visit to China, significant progress remains elusive.

The growing assertiveness of China in the South China Sea has aggravated tensions between the two nations.

Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is currently on a visit to China, indicating ongoing engagement at a high level.

The United States has long been a top investor in China, with total investments of $118.19 billion in 2021.

Biden’s comments suggest a readiness to transform the ongoing trade war into a comprehensive economic conflict.

Phrases such as “friend shoring” and “de-risking supply chain” frequently appear in official US statements, indicating a policy shift toward redirecting US investments from China to friendly nations, including India and Indonesia.

As the 2024 Presidential elections approach near the United States and China maintains its assertive stance to challenge US hegemony, the anti-China rhetoric is likely to escalate.

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