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Growing Economic Clout: Indian investors to invest $14 Billion in Nigeria

Nigeria has achieved remarkable success, securing investment commitments totaling nearly $14 billion from Indian investors while actively pursuing an economic cooperation agreement with India.

African Union set to be G20 Member during New Delhi’s presidency

The G20 member nations are set to admit the African Union (AU) as a new member of the grouping, at par with the European Union (EU), with an announcement expected during the summit to be hosted by New Delhi over this weekend.

UN Ends Peacekeeping Mission in Mali “MINUSMA” with Russia’s Wagner group taking charge

The UNSC unanimously voted on Friday to conclude the decade-long peacekeeping mission in Mali which was established in 2013 to combat the rising threat of Islamist insurgency. However, concerns raising over Russia's Wagner mercenary group and its alleged involvement in engineering the decision.

Indian PM Modi proposes full membership for African Union in G20, to enhance Africa’s global voice

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has written to the leaders of the G20 nations, urging them to grant full membership to the African Union (AU) in the G20. This proposal, aimed at enhancing Africa's representation on the global stage, signifies PM Modi's commitment to fostering a more inclusive and equitable global architecture.

African Peace Plan for Ukraine has ‘no buyer’ as both sides show no interest in Peace Talks

Moscow, Russia, June 18:  An African peace delegation recently visited Ukraine and Russia in an effort to suggest a 'Peace Plan' for Ukraine crisis consisting of "confidence-building measures". However, their diplomatic efforts were met with disappointment as both Kyiv and Moscow showed no inclination towards engaging in peace talks.

Deadly attack on Ugandan School: 41 killed and 6 abducted by IS-linked rebel group

Kampala, Uganda, June 17:  An armed rebel group with links to the Islamic State, known as the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), has carried out...

South African Army Chief Flies to Russia Amidst US Allegations of Arms Supply

Cape Town, May 16: South African Army Chief, Lawrence Mbatha, participated in a bilateral meeting in Russia, to enhance military ties and engage in discussions with Russian officials, despite recent allegations by the United States regarding arms supply to Russia. The South African National Defence Force (SANDF) clarified that the meeting had been prearranged and was part of their ongoing military-to-military relations with various countries. 
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