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‘Hamas exploits wars for profit, Sacrifices children,’ says Son of Hamas founder

Jerusalem, Israel, November 02: In a video shared on social media by the IDF, Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has exposed the disturbing reality behind Hamas attacks in Israel and its modus operandi during conflicts.

In a two-minute video, Yousef asserts that the people of Gaza have endured years of suffering due to Hamas’s hunger for power and political ambitions. He states, “The people of Gaza are oppressed, enduring sieges, violence, and multiple wars—all to satisfy Hamas’s lust for power and political ambition.”

He goes on to describe how Hamas strategically initiates wars every few years to secure funding, often at the cost of children’s lives.

“Hamas starts a war every few years, whenever they want money. They shed children’s blood. This is their game,” says Yousef, who defected from the terrorist group.

‘Israel Not Thirsty for Palestinian Blood’:

In the video, which seems to be a compilation of Yousef’s interviews, he emphatically emphasizes, “Israel is not thirsting for Palestinian blood.”

Regarding a recent explosion in a Gaza hospital, Yousef remarks, “A single misfire killed hundreds of refugees taking shelter at a hospital, and they blamed Israel. What are we talking about here? Israel is a democracy, and Israel is accountable.”

He concludes by stating that the Palestinian children and society have been hijacked by these criminals, and anyone supporting them is complicit in their crimes. “Hamas values its ideals more than human life. Their effort has always been to destroy Israel, not to build a Palestinian nation,” he adds.

‘Blood of Civilians in the Hands of Hamas’:

The video ends with Yousef’s powerful statement, “Unfortunately, now Hamas has left Israel and the free world with no choice but to fight them and end their violence.

Many civilians are dying, I understand this. Their blood is on the hands of Hamas and Hamas only.”

Who Is Mosab Hassan Yousef?

Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as the ‘Green Prince,’ is the son of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, one of the Hamas founders, defected from Hamas and served as an Israeli spy from 1997 to 2007, providing valuable intelligence that prevented suicide bomb attacks and acts of terrorism.

In interviews with various American media outlets, Yousef has expressed concerns about his father’s intentions and Hamas’s goal to ‘annihilate’ Jewish people and establish Sharia law worldwide. He has also noted Hamas’s desire to eliminate anyone supporting Israel’s existence and establish an Islamic State.

The ongoing conflict began when the Israel Defense Forces officially declared a ‘state of war’ after Hamas fired 5,000 rockets into Israel and infiltrated Israeli territory, causing widespread violence and fear. The UN General Assembly recently passed a resolution calling for an immediate cessation of the conflict and declaring a ‘Humanitarian Ceasefire.’

However, the Israel Defense Forces remain determined to continue their ground offensive with the goal of eliminating Hamas’s presence in the Gaza Strip.

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