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AI Safety Summit: India, China, US and EU agree to work together

India, China, the United States, the European Union, and other countries agreed to work together to collectively manage the risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) at a London summit held on Wednesday.

Gaganyaan Test Flight marks successful leap for India’s Space Ambitions

In a momentous step towards India's ambitious Gaganyaan program, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of an unmanned test flight designed to evaluate the emergency escape system of the crew module.

IW Explainer: “US-China Chip War escalating with Export restrictions”

Beijing, China, August 11:  In a strategic move reflecting the escalating 'chip war,' China has recently imposed strict controls on the export of two...

Expanding global footprints: France adopts India’s UPI Payment System

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India and France have got into an agreement to use India’s flagship payment system UPI in France, to facilitate transaction in Rupee for NRIs and tourists.

India Joins Artemis Accords and Announces Joint Mission to ISS, Signaling Deeper Space Cooperation with the United States

India has decided to join the Artemis Accords, which brings like-minded countries together on civil space exploration, and NASA and ISRO have agreed to a joint mission to the International Space Station in 2024, the White House said Thursday.

INDUS-X initiative launched to strengthens India-US defence and technology partnership

India and the United States have jointly launched the India-US Defence Acceleration Ecosystem (INDUS-X) initiative to bolster their strategic technology partnership and defence cooperation.
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