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Saudi Arabia

“Ukraine Peace Talks” in Saudi Arabia: Peace without Russian participation possible?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, August 07:  A two-day 'Ukraine Peace Talks' held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on August 05 and 06 aimed to establish crucial...

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister visits Tehran, marking a historic step towards reconciliation

Saudi Arabia's Foreign Minister, embarked on a diplomatic visit to Tehran on Saturday, signifying a landmark moment in the efforts to mend relations between the long-time rivals. The meeting between the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran aimed to bridge the seven-year-long diplomatic rift and foster cooperation on various fronts.

With Saudi Arabia and Iran hoping to Join, BRICS shaping a New International Order?

BRICS is now considering expansion with the potential inclusion of Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE and other nations like Argentina, Algeria, and Venezuela. With these prospective additions, BRICS seeks to bolster its geopolitical influence as a representative force of the Global South.
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