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Russia conducts successful Test of Nuclear-Powered Missile; Putin signaled Treaty withdrawal

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday that Russia has achieved a milestone in its military capabilities with the successful test of an experimental nuclear-powered cruise missile.

Prigozhin’s Reported Demise: Implications for Putin’s control over Kremlin

In a shocking turn of events, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the chief of the notorious Wagner Group, met a tragic end in a plane crash along with nine others. The private jet crashed north of Moscow, leading to the demise of all on board.

China-Russia ties: “Not a marriage made in heaven”

Even though Putin and Xi Jinping declared a "no limits" friendship in February 2020, the growing dependence on Beijing has created both opportunities and challenges for Moscow’s strategic interests. 

“Torture Chambers”: Russian forces accused of ‘Sexually torturing’ Ukrainian detainees

A legal team comprising Human Rights lawyers has exposed shocking details of the cruel treatment suffered by Ukrainian detainees at the hands of Russian soldiers in southern Ukraine.

Putin warns Poland: “An attack on Belarus is an attack on Russian Federation”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Poland of harboring territorial ambitions in the former Soviet Union territory and issued a stern warning that any aggression against Belarus, a close ally of Russia, would be considered an attack on Russia itself.

US appeals to India for Mediation in renewing ‘Black Sea Grain Initiative’ deal

In a bid to secure the renewal of the Black Sea Grain Initiative deal, the United States has appealed to India to utilize its "unique voice" to convince Russia for extension of the deal.

India hosts SCO Summit 2023; Iran Joins, Belarus to Follow Next Year

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted the virtual SCO Leaders Summit on Tuesday, bringing together leaders from eight member countries, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

UN Ends Peacekeeping Mission in Mali “MINUSMA” with Russia’s Wagner group taking charge

The UNSC unanimously voted on Friday to conclude the decade-long peacekeeping mission in Mali which was established in 2013 to combat the rising threat of Islamist insurgency. However, concerns raising over Russia's Wagner mercenary group and its alleged involvement in engineering the decision.

Fierce Gurkhas joining Russia’s private Wagner mercenary army

The surge in Gurkha enlistment follows a change in Russian citizenship regulations, which now offer easier access to citizenship after one year of military service.

Possible Civil War looms in Russia following Wagner mutiny; Putin vows “Decisive action”

Private Wagner militia has taken control of Rostov-on-Don, a major city near the Ukrainian border, sparking concerns of a potential civil war in Russia. President Vladimir Putin denounced the mutiny as "treason", promising resolute measures to restore stability.
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