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Conflict, Chaos, Crisis…

Pakistan’s government order expelling all 'undocumented' 1.73 million Afghan refugees residing in the country and giving them the choice to leave before the deadline or face arrest and deportation, has ignited a new regional conflict. This conflict is set to escalate into a global humanitarian and security crisis.

Pakistan’s northwest border crowded as Afghan refugees flee government crackdown

On Pakistan's northwest border with Afghanistan, many Afghans are rushing to leave as Pakistan's deadline for undocumented foreigners to exit the country has passed. Over 1.7 million Afghans are now uncertain about their future – leave or face arrest and deportation.

Pakistan threatens to expel 1.73 million Afghan refugees; Taliban condemned it as “Unacceptable”

 Pakistan's government has issued an order demanding the immediate departure of all illegal 1.73 million Afghan refugees residing in the country, creating new tensions with Taliban regime in Kabul.

US-Pakistan “Sham Affair” Continues with signing of New Security Pact

Pakistan's cabinet has silently given its nod to the new security pact CIS-MOA with the United States in a strategic move that may pave the way for Islamabad to procure military hardware from Washington DC.

Pakistan secures $3 billion IMF Bailout: Will It help tackle the looming economic crisis?

Pakistan has reached a crucial $3 billion bailout agreement with the IMF after an eight-month delay. While the funding provides short-term relief, concerns remain about whether it will effectively address Pakistan's underlying economic challenges.

China is helping Pakistan Army build defense infrastructure along Indian borders: Officials

China has been helping the Pakistan Army build its defense infrastructure besides providing Unmanned Aerial and Combat Aerial Vehicles, setting up communication towers and laying underground cables along the Line of Control, Indian officials said.

Pakistani gangster Haji Salim, linked to Dawood Ibrahim, allegedly plotting revival of LTTE

Karachi-based gangster Haji Salim, known for his connections to underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim, has emerged as a key figure in the revival attempts of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) insurgent group, according to Indian officials.
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