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IW Explainer: “NATO’s Eastward Expansion into the Indo-Pacific”

In a strongly worded communique issued during the annual 2023 NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania, NATO heads of state expressed concerns over the People's Republic of China's (PRC) challenge to their interests, security, and values through its "global ambitions and coercive policies".

Modi-Biden to meet today: What to expect?

Prime Minister Modi and President Biden will discuss into various areas of cooperation, including defense, technology, climate change, and the Indo-Pacific region.

G7 Hiroshima Summit: Zelensky’s Presence Steals Spotlight, Highlights Concerns over China’s ‘Economic Coercion’  

The G7 Summit held in Hiroshima from May 19-21, 2023, saw leaders from the world's leading industrialized nations gather to address pressing global issues. However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky's hastened attendance and the ongoing Ukraine war stole the spotlight, overshadowing the summit's agenda. Nevertheless, the G7 underscored the West's intentions of containing both Russia and China together.

Biden’s Last-Minute Cancellation of Papua New Guinea Visit Shakes US Credibility in the Region 

In a surprising turn of events, President Joe Biden's highly anticipated visit to Papua New Guinea, scheduled for Monday, May 22, has been cancelled. While the reasons cited by the White House appear legitimate, the cancellation of President Biden's visit deals a significant blow to U.S. credibility in the region as a consistent and reliable partner.
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