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Maldives vows to return Indian military personnel, signaling foreign policy shift

The newly elected President of the Maldives, Mohamed Muizzu, has reaffirmed his commitment to removing Indian military personnel from the nation's shores, making it the country's top foreign policy priority.

Test for Indian Diplomacy: Qatari court’s death sentence for 8 Indian Navy Veterans

A court in Qatar has handed down death sentences to eight former Indian Navy personnel, leaving families in India and officials at the Ministry of External Affairs deeply surprised. India's Ministry of External Affairs is currently pursuing legal options and intends to hold discussions with Qatari authorities about the situation.

Gaganyaan Test Flight marks successful leap for India’s Space Ambitions

In a momentous step towards India's ambitious Gaganyaan program, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) achieved a significant milestone with the successful launch of an unmanned test flight designed to evaluate the emergency escape system of the crew module.

India to match China in Global GDP contribution by 2028 with 8% Growth: Barclays

A recent report from Barclays suggests that India has emerged as a bright spot in the global economy and with an 8% growth rate will become a top contributor to global GDP in the next 5 years, by the year 2028.

India tells Canada to repatriate Diplomats amid escalating Diplomatic tensions

India has formally requested Canada to repatriate approximately 40 diplomats by October 10, marking a significant development in the escalating diplomatic rift between the two nations.

World Bank projects India’s GDP growth at 6.3% amidst Global challenges

The World Bank has released its latest India Development Update (IDU), forecasting India's GDP growth rate to be 6.3% for the financial year 2023-2024, despite facing increasing global economic headwinds.

“Father of Green Revolution”, MS Swaminathan, Passes Away at 98

India and the world mourn the loss of Professor MS Swaminathan, a pioneer figure in the realm of agriculture, who passed away today at the age of 98 at his Chennai residence.

BRICS Expansion: India and China competing for Leadership of Global South

The BRICS Summit 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa marked a pivotal moment as six new members were announced to join BRICS in 2024. The expansion highlighted the growing competition between India and China for dominance within BRICS and the leadership position of the Global South.

Muslim nations funding Ilhan Omar’s anti-India, anti-Israel rhetoric

US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's 2022 visits to the Pakistan-occupied of Kashmir (PoK) and the Doha World Cup, marked by her anti-India and anti-Israel stance, have come under scrutiny due to revelations of financial support from both Pakistan and Qatar.

US-Pakistan “Sham Affair” Continues with signing of New Security Pact

Pakistan's cabinet has silently given its nod to the new security pact CIS-MOA with the United States in a strategic move that may pave the way for Islamabad to procure military hardware from Washington DC.
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