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European Union Expansion: List of Countries to join the bloc

European Union leaders will discuss how to reform the 27-nation bloc to take in new members at a summit in Granada on Oct. 5-6, launching a long process to prepare the EU for enlargement by a tentative deadline of 2030.

EU launches Phase One of Carbon Border Tariff System

The European Union has initiated the first phase of a groundbreaking Carbon border tariff system, marking a significant step in its commitment to curbing carbon emissions and ensuring a level playing field for domestic industries.

‘Bargaining’ or ‘Blackmailing’: Turkey’s Erdogan demands EU membership in exchange for Sweden’s NATO bid support

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has stirred controversy by stating that the European Union (EU) must pave the way for Turkey's accession to the EU before his country approves NATO membership for Sweden.
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