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Conflict, Chaos, Crisis…

Pakistan’s government order expelling all 'undocumented' 1.73 million Afghan refugees residing in the country and giving them the choice to leave before the deadline or face arrest and deportation, has ignited a new regional conflict. This conflict is set to escalate into a global humanitarian and security crisis.

Pakistan’s northwest border crowded as Afghan refugees flee government crackdown

On Pakistan's northwest border with Afghanistan, many Afghans are rushing to leave as Pakistan's deadline for undocumented foreigners to exit the country has passed. Over 1.7 million Afghans are now uncertain about their future – leave or face arrest and deportation.

Pakistan threatens to expel 1.73 million Afghan refugees; Taliban condemned it as “Unacceptable”

 Pakistan's government has issued an order demanding the immediate departure of all illegal 1.73 million Afghan refugees residing in the country, creating new tensions with Taliban regime in Kabul.

Forging Diplomatic Pathways: Qatar Delegation, Led by Prime Minister, Visits Afghanistan to Strengthen Ties

A high-level delegation from Qatar, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, made an official visit to Afghanistan on Friday. The visit aims to enhance bilateral relations, build trust, and promote practical cooperation between the two countries.
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